Essay about Becoming A Doctor As A Physician

Essay about Becoming A Doctor As A Physician

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A Doctor is a licensed physician who provides care to patients, specifically by providing patients with diagnoses, treatment, and Counselling. Two types of doctors exist, MD for medical doctor and DO for doctor of Osteopathic medicine, both MD’s and DO’s share the same job, just a different focus. To become a licensed doctor in the state of California, there is a multitude of steps required by the state to become a licensed physician, not to mention the challenges aspiring doctors face along the process. Becoming a Doctor is difficult, plain and simple. The process is long, expensive, and tiring and will years to complete. Additionally, aspiring physicians face another hurdle, as the financial ramifications of becoming and practicing as a doctor are tremendous. Understanding the level of difficulty of this process is evident when the qualifications of what it takes to become a licensed physician are presented.
Of the many steps to becoming a doctor, it begins with entering medical school. Which to be accepted there are two key requirements. First, achieving a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree comes from a four-year university or college. For a medical institution, a bachelor’s degree represents a student has completed the necessary coursework to begin the process of becoming a doctor. Coursework at the college level includes chemistry, physics, mathematics, and biology. Second, a student must take the MCAT, an acronym meaning Medical College Admissions Test. The MCAT is a “standardized, multiple-choice examination created to help medical school admissions offices assess your problem solving, critical thinking, and knowledge of natural, behavioral, and social science concepts and principles prerequisite to the study of medici...

... middle of paper ... persist as an issue amongst students, the level of outreach and care medical institutions provide can surely assist in the struggles many students experience.
Once graduated from medical school aspiring doctors will begin the next three to seven years in a medical residency program. Medical residency which is the required training needed to practice as a licensed physician, individuals will pick a medical field coming after graduation of medical school, aspiring doctors spend anywhere from three to seven years depending on the medical field chosen. Residency, which is a stage of graduate medical training, individuals will pick a medical field of interest. Residency is a time of growth as the main focus improving on weaknesses, expanding knowledge and professional development, residency is the stage in a medical professional’s life where a career begins to form.

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