Essay about The Battle Of The Continental Army

Essay about The Battle Of The Continental Army

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Continental Army

The continental army was designed as a defense not long after the American Revolutionary War1. As well the army is gonna be needed as this army was established in 1775, just a little over a year from when the nation became what is known as The United States of America1. This army was led and commanded by General George Washington2. But How did this army compare to the British army? The continental army was on the lower side of the hill when it came down to comparison. The army was not well-fed, not well trained, and all around not really an army often fighting with each other2.
The Army had many struggles that ranged from malnourishment all the way to not having enough people to fight7. The Continental Congress had been in control of this army since 1775 but one issue they had since day one was the lack of funds need to feed, clothe and arm the army that would later win the war and help declare independence of America7. Off an enlistment from dated June 1776 were these expectations “a good effective Firearm . . . Bayonet . . . [or] Haches [hatchet] or Tomahawk, a Cartridge Box and Blanket.”7. This starts off showing that the budget for these men that would be fighting was very low as they were expected to provide their own weapons and clothing and general items meant for survival7. These things were available, but the thing that was hard to find was actual trained soldiers not just militiamen who fought well but were not wholly committed to the war they were fighting7.
Before taking command of the Continental Army Washington was managing his family’s plantation5. A potential reason for choosing Washington as the leader of this army is his leading of the British Army in the French and Indian War5. However he d...

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...e they were on their homeland. The faith and knowledge of Washington was a push in the right direction but the overall push that led not only to victory but to the establishment of the United States of America was the army’s desire for freedom and liberty from the tyranny of England and the British. Their desire led them to victory without that desire and without that passion they would have surely lost, they would have had no heart left to fight.
The British had power over them but, against a force filled with a passion that strong is no power at all. The power was in the push for freedom and liberation of the people to rid them of the British ways and taxation. To sum things up the British versus the Continental army, there was really no war at all. The outcome was decided when that army was made to fight, and to have that desire to have freedom and be independent.

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