The Ban Of Beauty Pageant Essay

The Ban Of Beauty Pageant Essay

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Glitz, Glamour and ready to take the stage in front of the judges. Talents are shown and questions are answered to find the right girl to take home the crown. The judges gather together and select a winner. All these things are what go into Beauty Pageants but what happens to the loser, what happens to the young girl or women that is watching or participating in the pageant. These pageants based the winner of their beauty that is often enhance with make-up and fake tans. This places young girls into adult like situations and cause many problems in the long run for not only young girls but also women that is of age. The banning of beauty pageant should be done due to the fact that it can causes self-esteem and self-image issues, the wanting to be perfect or someone else all the time, and depression.
Beauty pageant place young girls and women in situations where they have to have a certain sex appeal in order to win. The pageant cause little girls to be sexualized and put into positions that is inappropriate for young girls. Claire Lindsey write, “Young girls in beauty pageants often imitate older women through the use of sex appeal and costumes that “enhance” their outer beauty.” This is illustrated in the political cartoon to the side. The beauty part of the pageants has young girls in provocative outfits, while dancing a performance that is sometime but too often inappropriate routines on stage while a judge or judges judge them on how pretty they are. For instance the “glitz pageant” where the child wears fake eyelashes, fake nails, hair extensions, with teeth whitening, waxed and groomed eyebrows, heavy makeup, with the latest addition of breast and butt padding to “enhance” their looks. The costumes are low cut and see-through...

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... literal judgment can destroy the girls’ sense of self-worth and beauty, causing long-term damage.” By being judge on the outer looks that someone has can take a toll on anyone one. The pressure of winning can cause the young girls and grown women to have self-image and self-esteem issues. These pageants may have a good side to it but the bad side seem to be more prominent and is a good reason to banned beauty pageants.
Before thinking about entering yourself or that young girl in the pageant think if that big prize and crown worth the harm that can come to not only yourself but also to others. When given the facts that is underneath the glamour of a beauty pageant it should be ban. It should be banned to because it is shallow but because it cause harm to a young girl that has her life a hard of her and it also cause harm to women that seem to have it together.

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