The Beasts of Beauty Pageants

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What is beauty? What are the qualities that are included in the definition of beauty? “Generally, beauty refers to the characteristic or characteristics of an object that entail human pleasure to one or more senses. Beauty cannot be negative or ugly.” (Beirnet)However, there are various concepts of beauty across the globe. “In Nigeria, big and heavy women are considered beautiful and admired. In Burmese traditional view, women with long neck are considered beautiful.” (Plotnick 603). So if there are different concepts of beauty around the globe, how can we hail the most beautiful girl in the world? Thus, beauty pageant comes in.

“Origin of beauty pageants was traced back from ancient European custom of choosing symbolic kings and queens for Mayday festivities.” (Sones). Before beauty pageants received less attention in the society but not until in 1991 when it captures almost everyone's attention. “Beauty pageants became more prominent in the society in 1921 when a hotel owner started a contest to attract tourist in town past Labor Day. The winner of that contest was the called Miss America.” (Beirnet). Since then major beauty pageants were born; Miss World (1951), Miss Universe (1952), Miss International (1960), and Miss Earth (2001).

What the purpose of beauty pageants in the society? This question was not new. Since before, protests condemning beauty pageants was there. “Protests were done when P.T Barnum staged the first modern pageants in 1854.” (Sons). So issues regarding the purpose of having were not new and it has historical basis.

Issues regarding the purpose of beauty pageants alarm women since majority of the beauty pageants are for them. Let us look at the good side of beauty pageants. First, allows the use...

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...ending the money wisely and you are helping those people who are facing poverty.

Now let us know the other side of the story. Others argued that beauty pageants promote self-esteem. Facing other people is not easy. Only few are capable enough that can face the crowd with great confidence. It is indeed in beauty pageants that women gain confidence. It is in beauty pageants that allow women to be empowered. They are given the chance to meet other people. Meeting those new faces will boosts their confidence. It is in meeting those new faces and seeing people happy and proud on what they are doing on stage that they feel that they are given importance and they are idolize. It is also their time to show to others their hidden talents. It is in beauty pageants also that they want to prove to all that they can overcome their shyness in facing different types of people.

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