Ugliness of Glitz Beauty Pageants

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“Pretty isn’t beauty. Pretty is how you look; Beauty is who you are. Pretty is in the face and body; Beauty is in the heart, mind, and soul. Pretty fades; beauty grows.” Michael Josephson emphasizes the difference between pretty and beauty. Unfortunately, the problem with young girls participating in glitz beauty pageants is that they are sadly being misguided. Glitz beauty pageants sexualize small children. Glitz beauty pageants exhibit “princesses by proxy.” Glitz beauty pageants sabotage young girls’ self-confidence. Furthermore, glitz beauty pageants are only harming young girls, not helping them. First of all, glitz beauty pageants sexualize small children. As seen in the television hit show, Toddlers and Tiaras, a 3 year old toddler is dressed up as a prostitute, prancing around on stage dressed like Julia Roberts’ character from Pretty Woman. The revealing outfits, caked-on makeup, and inappropriate dance routines are introducing sexuality to young girls at such an early age. Girls dress up in short, tight outfits, showing off their midriffs, and performing like Lady Gaga is unacceptable. Two-year old toddlers dressed like Madonna w/ pointy cone bras is unacceptable. Toddlers wearing butt and chest enhancements to look like Dolly Parton is unacceptable. During the beauty portion of the competition, the girls are coached to flirt with judges, blowing kisses to them, winking, and batting their eyes to earn extra points. These are just a few examples of the promiscuity that is considered acceptable at these pageants. With teen pregnancy being such huge conflict in today’s society, adults should be teaching these girls about self-respect. As a solution, parents need to be instilling morals in their daughters a... ... middle of paper ... .... As a solution, glitz beauty pageants should focus more on questions asked and how they are answered; focusing more on personalities and less on appearances. I propose that the best solution for glitz beauty pageants focusing on real beauty must begin with enforcing government guidelines. In conclusion, keeping these points in mind know that nothing good comes from glitz beauty pageants. They subject young girls to sexuality. They allow parents to use their children to fulfill their own personal dreams. Glitz beauty pageants corrupt young girls’ self-worth. To protect these young girls from any more harm, action must be taken by the government. Guidelines and limitations must be set for pageant companies. Rules should be implemented about appropriate costumes, makeup, dance routines and any other areas that exploit and endanger the lives of little girls.
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