Beauty Pageants Argumentative Essay

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On December 26, 1996, JonBenet Ramsey was found sexually abused and murdered in her parents’ home. Ramsey lived in Boulder, Colorado and was a six-year-old beauty pageant queen. The media showed video clips of JonBenet practicing for her pageants and the video clips disturbed many of the viewers. The videos showed her dancing around and blowing kisses while being dolled up in fancy makeup and revealing clothes. This image of a six-year-old shocked many viewers that had no idea what the pageant world was even about. “New York Times columnist Frank Rich called the repeated airing of the JonBenet beauty pageant clips "borderline kiddie porn” (“Child Beauty Pageants”). Some may believe that beauty pageants do benefit children, but in reality, the…show more content…
The categories are formal wear, sportswear/casual, photogenic/portfolio, interview, optional modeling, talent, western wear, swimsuit, and Pro-Am (costumes, dancing, modeling, and cheerleading) (“Child Beauty Pageants”). There are multiple types of pageants as well. Glitz pageants started in the south, whereas in the north the contestants usually wore Sunday dresses that would be worn to church. (“Child Beauty Pageants”).Glitz pageants consist of the elaborate hair, flippers (fake teeth), spray tans, acrylic nails, and couture dresses. The “High Glitz”, “Professional”, and “Full Glitz” require girls to wear full makeup. “Hobby Glitz” does not require makeup, but it is optional, whereas “Natural Pageants” do not allow makeup at all. Parents sometimes may get the custom dresses and this can cost up to $1,500-$2,000 (“Child Beauty…show more content…
I did not wear what the other girls wore; I wore a dress that was similar to something that would be worn to a conservative type party. I did have makeup on, but there were no spray tan, acrylic nails, or hairpieces. As I stood next to the other girls I felt my self-confidence go down the longer the pageant went on. The other girls had the “glitz” dresses, spray tans, acrylic nails, full makeup, and hairpieces. I felt that the pageant was not exactly fair; young girls should not look like they are twenty when they are maybe ten years old. I knew that I would not place compared to the way the other girls looked and it really let me down. According to Angie Lynch, “I have no desire to have my daughters ' looks judged against other people 's daughters ' looks. Being ranked from best to worst in a public forum is not how I want my children to develop their self-esteem.” I personally will never allow my children to participate in beauty pageants because of all the negativity along with it. I was hurt just from the one pageant that I did compete in as a child. I cannot imagine what another child may feel after competing multiple times and still never
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