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2605 words

When one looks back at their childhood, what pops into their head? For most people their response would be playing with dolls, going outside, or having sleepovers, but for others that isn’t reality. Britney, an eight-year old girl from California, spent her childhood getting Botox and competing in child beauty pageants. According to her mother, Britney had been complaining about wrinkles and agreed to trying Botox. This sounds absolutely crazy, but it is not uncommon. Over 250,000 kids participate in beauty pageants each year (Lindsey). These children, who start competing as early as age 2, are being judged on their looks, capability, perfection, and confidence. The controversies over these pageants have erupted in the past few years because of TLC’s reality show, Toddlers and Tiaras (Nussbaum). Many believe it is not right for young children to parade around on stage wearing make-up and inappropriate clothing, while others believe it builds confidence in children. Despite what people who are pro child beauty pageants say, these pageants can have major effects on the kids participating in them. One may argue that these girls gain much more than they lose, but in the end the negative affects far outweigh the positives. In the 1920’s, when beauty pageants began, the main reason for these pageants was to gain tourists. At the time, Atlantic City, New Jersey, was a popular tourist resort. To bring in more business to the city, they came up with the idea of a Fall Pageant. The city got sponsors to represent these young women, and a panel of judges would decide on the most beautiful bathing beauty in America (Alter 2). Since these times, beauty pageants have grown to be a huge part of today’s society. Child beauty pagean... ... middle of paper ... ...n make-up. Beauty pageants are linked with an immense variety of negative effects. These children are trying to be someone that they are not. The effects on these children can escalate quickly and affect them their entire life. When a parent first enters their child in a pageant, they do not think about the negative consequences they could have on their child. No parent wants to experience the tragedy that the Ramsey family did. Although some children do gain things from these pageants, the majority of them are harmed. The effects from these pageants range from eating disorders and body image problems to social and psychological problems. If there are not regulations put on these pageants in the near future, our young children are going suffer from growing up to fast. When will people learn that looks are not everything and we should let the kids be kids?

In this essay, the author

  • Explains how pageants help children improve their communication skills. the interview category taught allison tietjen how to think on her feet and make it sound like she is an expert.
  • Explains that pageants require a lot of time and effort. the girls they meet during these pageant can become life-long friends.
  • Explains that pageant participation and establishing bonds with other people can create opportunities for girls in the future.
  • Explains that pageants can be beneficial in multiple ways, but there are many negative effects.
  • Explains that children rank body image among the highest of their concerns, while education, which should be a child’s biggest priority, is put on the back burner.
  • Explains that some participants come away from pageants unharmed, but others are not so lucky.
  • Opines that children in pageants have high expectations for their children that can cause their child to become stressed. when they were children, they believed it was okay to deal with stress by throwing temper tantrums.
  • Explains that child beauty pageants can cause financial strain and stress on other members of the family.
  • Analyzes how karen kataline, a former beauty pageant contestant, never realized how many negative effects these pageants had on her.
  • Opines that pageants should put regulations on entering a pageant to eliminate some of the major effects they have on the participants.
  • Explains that the controversies over child beauty pageants have erupted in the past few years because of tlc’s reality show, toddlers and tiaras.
  • Argues that pageants should regulate the outfits worn by young girls to prevent sexualizing them. they should judge contestants on their talent and interview skills.
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