Essay on At The Providence Place For My Field Experience

Essay on At The Providence Place For My Field Experience

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I went to the Providence place for my field experience. The reason why I chose to go to Providence Place for my field experience is because I met with Joeylynn, who is a volunteer manager of Providence Place, at ability awareness fair. The ability awareness fair provided the opportunity for me to meet with representatives of various community groups which help people with disabilities in some ways. The content of the volunteer work at Providence Place, which Joeylynn introduced me seemed really interesting to me. She explained to me that Providence Place is a place where young adults between 18 to 22 engaging in the various learning experiences. The young adults who stay in Providence have disabilities such as intellectual disability, learning disability, Autism, hearing impairment, and Asperger’s syndrome. I was really impressed their passion of helping young adults with disabilities, so I chose to go to Providence Place and complete the volunteer hours there.
The only issues for me to go to Providence Place was to find the ride since I don’t own the car. Thankfully, one of my classmate, Samy, could provide me rides, so I started going to Providence Place with him. When I talked with Joeylynn at the ability awareness fair, she said that Providence Place needed volunteer for playing some sports with their students, so I thought I could help doing that because I am really into playing sports especially tennis and soccer. Therefore, I was originally planning to play either tennis or soccer at Providence Place. However, after I visited Providence Place for the first time, Joeylynn showed Samy and I around the campus, and I realized that they don’t have tennis courts or soccer grounds. Since Samy is good at playing basketball and th...

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...vere mental disorders. Overall, I felt that Providence Place is a welcoming community for those who possess mental disorders.
Lastly, I appreciate all of the people who supported me for this field experiences, which I learnt a lot about what it’s like to have mental disorders, and I could have not only a deeper understanding of various mental disorders themselves, but also people with mental disorders such as Autism, Asperger’s syndrome. I also could learn how to communicate with people who have mental disorders. Therefore, I appreciate Dr. Smith for giving me this opportunity to learn more about disabilities. I also appreciate Samy for giving me rides to Providence Place, and I also appreciate Joeylynn for being very supportive for my volunteer work. Without them, I wouldn’t have learned and had opportunity to interact with those who suffer from mental disorders.

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