Reading to the Children

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Reading to the Children I want to share the experience that I got from reading to the little kids in Washington school. This had been my first time doing community service so I was a little nervous, I didn't think that the kids where going to like me. But when I go to the school and saw the lovable little kids I felt much better. When we got into little groups and started reading they started hugging me and reading along. They made me feel good and I was ready to come back next Thursday. This was the greatest experience that I had ever had, I felt like a teacher and it fells great to have those little kids liking you. This program helps me be more self confident, and I felt better communicating with others. It also made me think about going to college, I got this from the Guest Readers who went to talk with us. They all told us that we needed College in all the good jobs, and we didn't have to start from the bottom if we had a college degree. They also told us that the community service that we were doing was going to look great on our records. For almost every job you also need a good speaking ability and we have a good practice with little kids. If the kids see you not really interested in the book they would do another thing and ignore you. So for every book you have used another voice and use your body because body language is very important. At first I didn't think that the kids were getting anything from the reading, but I was wrong. One day as I came into the classroom I saw a little girl waiting for me with a little book, I never expected to see her sitting in her chair waiting for me, that made me feel great. I don't have any memory of been read aloud by anybody when I was young, but I know that these little kids will. This will put a warm felling inside my heart, and I will always remember the first group of kids that I have read to. Like I said before, this was my first time doing community service but its not going to be the last. I'm willing to give to a day of a week to go read to kids, I know that this is going to keep on being a great experience.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that it was their first time doing community service but its not going to be the last.
  • Opines that they have made an impact on their community because it takes a lot of little pebbles. they hope that when the kids get older, they also give back.
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