Personal Narrative: The Rest Of My Life

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You would think that when I decided what to do with the rest of my life, it would be some profound moment when something huge took place. Nothing dangerous or crazy happened, but my heart was changed. Suddenly, everything made sense to me and I knew what journey I was going to take and why I was going to take it. The funny thing about all of this is, it was one kindergartner who opened my eyes. One five year-old who showed me what I’m destined to do for the rest of my life. I had been volunteering in a kindergarten classroom during my study hall my sophomore year. I was about one month into working with this class and was really fond of it. I enjoyed getting to teach the kids to read and write, as well as forming some cool relationships with …show more content…

She had mentioned to me that they would be gaining a new student who was a lower level student and would most likely need extra help. This didn’t bother me much because my mom was teaching lower level students at the time and I had worked with her before. Little did I know that this was beyond anything I had ever done before. Trey was exceptionally behind the rest of his classmates. Not only could he not read or write like his peers, he would barely talk. Trey was not in any special education classes nor did he have any physical disabilities. Trey was just one of those kids who needed a little extra help and I became that person for him. Whenever I came, Trey and I would go off and work on various items. At first, we worked on learning the alphabet. It amazed me how a child could come to kindergarten and not know his alphabet. My parents had always sang the ABC’s with me when I was younger. However, I shortly discovered that Trey’s home was not like mine. It took quite a while for us to master the alphabet and unfortunately there isn’t a large amount of work you can do until that is …show more content…

I now knew what I was meant to do with my life. I was meant to teach. I was meant to be there for those kids like Trey who don’t have anyone else. They need some person in their life to be their protector and someone to look out for them. I can teach them more than just their ABC’s. Trey didn’t have someone at home to care for him so it made it really hard for him to learn. If I can meet the basic need of caring for the kids as a teacher, then it will be so much easier for them to learn. One five year-old little boy changed my life and shaped my future. It wasn’t a big extreme moment, but just something small that opened my eyes. Isn’t it crazy that something so small as a little boy could make me realize what I was meant to do? I will never forget Trey and the impact he made on my

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  • Narrates how one kindergartner opened their eyes and showed them what they're destined to do for the rest of their life. nothing dangerous or crazy happened, but their heart changed.
  • Describes how they had been volunteering in a kindergarten classroom during their sophomore year. they enjoyed teaching the kids to read and write as well as forming cool relationships with them.
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