My Personal Statement: My Philosophy Of Early Childhood Education

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I could start this off by saying I knew I always wanted to be a teacher, but that would be cliché and not a part of my story. Throughout elementary school I had no idea what I wanted to be, if you asked me then I would have said a princess today maybe a rock star tomorrow. I always enjoyed school and it never came across as the place where teachers were out to get you and the bigger kids bully you until you give them your lunch money. I was always close with my teachers, because the better we got along, the better I knew I could focus and understand the material we were being taught. I wasn’t the social butterfly, I would rather sit with the kid by their self at lunch then try and make the “popular” kids crowd. In 4th grade, a program started …show more content…

I wanted to start making a difference in kids as soon as I had the chance. I started to take Early Childhood Education classes at my school. This course was rigorous and so important, due to the fact we ran a preschool of 20 four and five-year old’s. Their education was in our hands; we were that building block for their first insight on school. I feel in love with writing lesson plans and being hand in hand with other teachers and the students became a part of my life that I never wanted to go away. I interned at an elementary school just to get more involved and learn more about collaborating. I started taking a Teaching as a Profession class, so I could not only know today’s education but become familiar with the history of education, how to accommodate your classroom for students with special needs, and the issues in todays education. I completed this class and took the state mandated test to complete the pathway and get a cord at graduation. I came in on Sundays to work and study with my teacher for this test and it all paid off when I passed the test with the highest score out of the nine people who took the test. While this was all happening I was inducted into National Beta Club for my grades and averages in my classes, which mostly included advanced courses. I then completed the Early

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they started a program called "the buddy club" in 4th grade, where they could play with the special education class. they won an award for their essay on drug awareness.
  • Describes how they became involved with their school and community and began taking early childhood education classes. they interned at an elementary school to get more involved and learn more about collaborating.
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