Assessment in Early Childhood and Special Education Essay

Assessment in Early Childhood and Special Education Essay

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Assessment is used in multiple ways in a classroom to help evaluate the student in their learning. Within the book and article, assessment has a wide variety of ranges and uses in determining a child’s level of understand a topic. In the book, McAfee and Leong, explains how assessment when used responsibility when evaluating a child. Whereas in the article, Stockall, Dennis, and Rueter explains the use of progress-monitoring portfolios in assessment for special need students and variety information on progress-monitoring portfolio.
The topic within the book and article is assessment, which can be defined as any form of measurement and evaluation of what the student knows and is able to perform. This can be through observation, testing, interviews, and other means (McAfee, 2002, p. 2). Some of the key points that the article has made about assessment is making sure to follow the correct guidelines when making a progress-monitoring portfolio on a student, always allow for parental input, and progress-monitoring portfolios are an effective way to show growth of the student in mastering of skills. Another key word that was defined in the article was portfolio.It is a way to collect meaning work designed to represent the child’s efforts, progress, and achievements throughout a period of time (Stockall et al., 2014, p. 1). Portfolio is used throughout the article as a key form of assessment for special education students in the classroom.
When following the correct guidelines and when making a progress-monitoring portfolio (PMP) on a student, it can help assessing the student’s progress. This is done through gathering the correct amount of data on the student throughout the school year, through curriculum, and any information on the...

... middle of paper ... struggle when they learn or have a learning disability (McAfee, 2002, p. 14). The progress monitoring portfolio has a great use in helping to involve the parents through having them also collect data on their child, to help watch their child grow and assist the teacher in the collection of data. I would use progress monitoring portfolio assessment in my classroom someday because it an easy way to show parents visually the growth of their child’s improvement.

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