The Article On A Woman Programmer By Ellen Ullman Essay

The Article On A Woman Programmer By Ellen Ullman Essay

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In the article How to be a “Women Programmer” by Ellen Ullman, she talks about how
she was ordinary computer program system, like the role of altos in a chorus. Ellen Ullman
separated the word women programmer in two different meaning, to help us understand how
they are being used. The first requirement she used for programming is a passion for the work, a
deep need to probe the mysterious space between human thoughts and what is a machine can
understand; between human desires and how to machines might satisfy them. The second
requirement is a high tolerance for failure, in other words of the great John Backus, an inventor
of the FORTAN programming language: “You need the willingness to fail all the time. You have
to generate many ideas and then you have to work very hard only to discover that they do not
work. And you keep doing the over and over until you find one the does work” (Ullman 2013).
Ellen Ullman was question the word “women” in the early 1980s she broke into the ranks of
computing. Where women were just starting to poke their shoulder pads through crowds of men.
There was no legal protection against” hostile environment for women” (Ullman 2013). She
endured a client that was a sweaty man with pendulous earlobes who stroked her bas as she
worked to fix his system. She considered installing a small software bomb but understood, right
then, what was more important to her than revenge, the desire to create good system. Does
operating system really describe willing being of how a women actually being look at in a work
One evening at work where Ullman boss said that she was “flatly” and he was at point
where he just hated to fire all the females that work there because they was so smart, he would
say. There was only ...

... middle of paper ...

... that
the moment you walk through the door you are seen as lesser, no matter what your credentials .
Ellen Ullman says in her article “Have no guidance for women who want to ride through the
ranks into technical management” (Ullman 2013). Ullman led a peripatetic life, moving on when
a project was done or next thing intrigued me.
Inclosing Ellen Ullman article is not advising younger or any women to tough it out but,
they can lash back. Which she have done too often and which has rarely served her will. If they
quit and look for another job, which is some cases are very good ideas. Remember that prejudice
will follow you. What will save you is tacking into the love of the work, into the desire that
brought you here in the first place. Starting prejudice in the face imposes a cruel discipline to
structure younger anger, to achiever a certain dignity and angry dignity.

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