Aristotle's Persuasion using Ethos, Pathos and Logos, and the Media Essay

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Aristotle came up with a useful set of principals used in persuading. Those principals, ethos, pathos, and logos are most commonly seen in the media. When being used in the media two of Aristotle’s principals become more useful, while one falls behind. Ethos, being the one that falls behind by not appealing to a wide variety of the public. While, in the media, pathos, the emotional appeal, and logos, the logical appeal, are the most effective.
One of the more effective is the pathos appeal. When using pathos the media is hitting the broadest population of listeners and readers. Everyone uses there emotions so it persuades everyone in one way or another. Along with pathos effecting all varieties of the public, it also has a wide variety of techniques to use. The variety of techniques come from the long list of human emotions the media can aim for. Most times the media targets for more than one emotion at a time to persuade. An example of this appeal is a media ad asking for money to give to less fortunate people. This one ad is effecting many emotions all at once. This ad could poss...

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