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Why is it important to study media, rather than simply consume it?

Messages to general public are transferred using a communication tool, which is known as Media. The different forms of media are written or verbal, oral or visual media. Magazines, newspapers, radio, film television, advertisements on the Internet are examples of media. Because of the developments in the mass media, media studies came and it a gives a strong important to the generation about what we know about media and how we know it.

One of the most essential role’s played by media in an individual’s viewpoint is on political, economic and social cultural issues. Bazalgette Explains that “Media studies open up your understanding of how things work, how people become informed - or misinformed - and how the myths and ideologies that govern all our lives are created and sustained.” (Bazalgette, 2000). There are disagreements on this topic because the subject is still new and how should media be interpreted and also how the hybrid subject came about from different sources (Bazalgette, 2000). There are different disciplines of hybrid such as semiotics, structuralism, sociolinguistics and many more. In academic discipline media studies is also considered. In order to analyze the media there are no limits to individuals.

For this subject analysis of media is really important. English literature and English Language is associated with media studies. Nevertheless programs in media studies use psychology, economics, sociology and politics to make sure that they understand and also needs to study texts from different viewpoints.

Reading and writing skills and also critical analysis deals with the English subject. “media studies are essentially political” which is stated by Bazalgette, to ask inquiries about who owns the media and why is ‘political’ (Bazalgette, 2000). The person who consumes the media should have the information about who owns what media, this is also known as media ownership. Does an individual, a small firm or a large conglomeration own it?

In the topic media studies it is very important to understand why is it studied and what is studied. Bazalgetee states about the five reasoning’s in which the first is ‘popularity’. “Why is there a certain game show, movie, song, or computer game studied more that another is simply because a lot if people like them” (Bazalgetee,2000). For example popular game shows like who wants to be a billionaire? , WWE, Dance moms and many more illustrates how manipulated the audience is and the media which is preferred.
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