Persuasive Techniques Used by Michael Moore and Niccoló Machiavelli

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1014 words

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, who initially came up with the three different sections of rhetorical appeals and the act of persuasion. The three appeals include ethos, logos and pathos, all three different means of persuasion. Michael Moore’s, Capitalism: A Love Story will be used and examples will be taken from throughout the movie to analyze his rhetorical techniques when reaching out to the audience. Examples from “The Qualities of the Prince” by Niccoló Machiavelli will also be analyzed for the three appeals. Moore’s movie relates exactly to the rhetorical appeals because he is persuading the readers to realize all the corrupt and unjust happenings that are going on all around us without even knowing it. He is trying to explain to the readers that it is going on everywhere and steps to educate their selves to gain awareness in the corruption of America. His video shows many examples of the “behind the scenes” into the political world and cites all the events back to how and why it is ruining our country and what we can do to prevent and/or help the cause. Machiavelli’s piece also was a form of persuasion and rhetoric’s, using all three appeals as well. “The Qualities of the Prince” is a piece by Machiavelli in which he is trying to explain how a prince should act and what traits they should possess to be a successful leader. Machiavelli is using the rhetoric appeals and explaining his experiences through which he has learned what it takes to be a great prince.
Machiavelli uses rhetorical appeals in his writing with some being more prominent throughout than others. Ethos is one of the three appeals that represents ethics and reliability. This form of persuasion is used as credibility and respect as an author to the...

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...dness but comedy was used as an emotion. When Michael was going to make a "citizens arrest" at the banks, there was comedy there, sort of like sarcasm which is known to sway a person's thoughts if it is funnier in the sense. The whole movie really shows a lot of emotions and tries to persuade our thoughts on the government with it.
Rhetorical appeals apply to everyday life and the three sections of the rhetoric’s cover all elements of persuasion. Moore and Machiavelli do an outstanding job of explaining their points and why you should believe what they are saying. Both author’s did a great job of educating and informing their viewers although they were two significantly different pieces. Moore and Machiavelli’s work are each their own with respect to purpose and lessons but they also both come together in regards to using Aristotle’s three rhetorical appeals.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how aristotle came up with three different sections of rhetorical appeals and the act of persuasion. moore's capitalism: a love story, and niccoló machiavelli’s “the qualities of the prince” will be used.
  • Analyzes how machiavelli uses rhetorical appeals in his writing with some being more prominent throughout than others. ethos represents ethics and reliability.
  • Analyzes how important figures in the american government/retired politicians were speakers on what the government is ruining and who is doing it. ethos is used with this because these people are high up figures that we can trust.
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