Essay on Are Children Exposed Too Much Technology Too Young?

Essay on Are Children Exposed Too Much Technology Too Young?

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Are Children Exposed to Too Much Technology Too Young?
Technology is constantly evolving and being passed down to younger generations each year. Young children are becoming more technologically advanced and dependent compared to those of elderly age. In order for parent’s to calm their children in today’s society, they provide them with cell phones or other technological distractions. The increasing use of cellphones has been caused by many different things. As the years have come and passed, technology and the education behind it is growing rapidly. It has evolved so much that it has become a social norm to have cellphones and it is obtuse if you do not own one. Some people even have multiple. According to a survey conducted by Telenor, 85% of ten year olds own a cell phone (BERSON, 212). This number is only going to increase as the years go on and technology increases. The problem with cell phones include parental intrusion, cyber bullying, and psychological and physical health risks.
With cell phone usage increasing, adolescent autonomy is increasing. Parents provide their children with cell phones to provide safety. At younger ages, it is more commonly the parent’s choice to provide their children with cell phones. Their sole purpose is to be used for contacting their parents if they ever need a ride or obviously for safety purposes. It gets more difficult now that internet is incorporated into most phones. Cell phones have been used in emergency situations, not only just for calling 911 when in trouble but for contacting a friend or relative for help. For intense, in London there was a text send by friends who were trapped on a boat (LING, 36). They were able to get a rescue squad contacted and the people on the boat were sa...

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...become to the device. Along with the awkward sidewalk encounters comes the dinner dates. Many times it is embarrassing to notice that humans are on their phones while at dinner with another person when they are supposed to be enjoying each other’s company.
A proposal for cell phone usage depends on the age and the problem. One good solution would be to wait longer in a child’s life to expose them to technology. There isn’t much of a purpose, besides safety and calling a parent for a ride, for children under the age of 14 to have a cell phone. Limiting the amount of time a teenage can be using their cell phone can save them from becoming too attached/addicted and excessively using it. Fixing this problem is in the hands of the parents. Ultimately, it is their decision if they want their children to have a cell phone and what age they want to provide them with one.

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