Are Animals Being Hunted to Extinction? Essay

Are Animals Being Hunted to Extinction? Essay

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Although many people think that animals are being hunted to extinction, without control of animal this could become overwhelming and cost a fortune. Many people kill animals for protection and clothing and these practices have been carried out for centuries. Many people think that hunting is inhumane and unessential, but animals are killed for a reason, whether it is over population in neighborhoods, protection of cattle, or money.
Hunting animals helps control the population of certain species, such as deer, in areas where they may pose a threat to humans. However, some say hunting is unnecessary an inhumane. Many people think that animals should be left alone and that killing them plays a negative role in our ecosystem. “Animals have been managing themselves without human interference for millennia” (O’Conner). Although there are many arguments stated, animals have been hunted for centuries and are still managing their species well. Also, some animals are considered predators to humans and livestock. “Now wolves are back with roughly 6,000 in the contiguous United States” “Presence of wolves increase cost even when they don’t kill livestock, by making cattle nervous” (Elperin). Managing animals is an important role in both cities and farms. Many people think killing animals is wrong but without well-managed hunting, there would be an overpopulation of certain wild animals and cattle prices would skyrocket.
Control of population is a good thing; without this, there could be more fatal accidents on the road. Many fatal or serious car accidents happen because of animals. “Deer, on the other hand, kill upward of 250 people a year—drivers and passengers—and hospitalize 30,000 more”(Sterba). Driving anywhere day or night, espec...

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...unt them to help control the population of some species, to protect livestock, or to save money. Despite what is believed by many, with proper control, animals will not be hunted into extinction. Without some sort of wildlife management, our wild animal populations could become out of control.

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