Predator Killing

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How many innocent farm animals are going to be brutally killed and consumed by predator species before the citizens of america are going to do anything about it.
The act of killing predators is justifiable when killing them to stop them from overpopulating and to stop them from consuming farm animals, however it should be monitored so mass killings or even extinction of certain species doesn’t occur. Predator species in America include: Gray wolves, badgers, black bears, coyotes, cougars, bobcats, and the frightening grizzly bear.

Predators Overpopulate
The number of predators in the U.S. would increase drastically if the population wasn’t controlled by man. In the wild the coyote population has virtually no natural predators so they can raise their young without any worries that they will be killed. The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies launched a study on the coyote populations and estimated that coyote populations in the southeast United States would grow by 210 percent if they weren’t hunted and killed by man.(Edmonds)
There are coyotes in every U.S. state, except for Hawaii, and there is over 50,000 living in the usa alone. If they put a ban on predator hunting, coyotes would overpopulate to the extreme. The incredibly large number of coyotes, or any other predator ,would cause them to eat all of the easily available food, and they would have to look harder for any food resource. On the search for food they would wander off into farmland, small towns, or even some neighborhoods, looking for food. This could put your pets, children, or even yourselves in danger. (Maier)

Predators Kill Farm Animals
Many predators kill thousands of farm animals each year and need to be put to a stop. People...

... middle of paper ... livestock. The government put out a program so farmers could kill wolves that they saw attacking their livestock, or if they felt that their own lives were threatened. 18 months after this program was out only ten wolves were killed. which proved that there would be no abusing the law or pushing the wolves to extinction. (Meersman)
In conclusion predator killing is acceptable and should stay legal for three main reasons: it would control species from overpopulating, it would keep them from destroying farmland and from killing farm animals, and if done legally it won’t lead to any mass killings or extinction of animals. Predator killing has happened over thousands of years and will continue to happen for thousand more, as long as the citizens of america allow it too. People need to get busy killing predators and protecting farm animals who can’t protect themselves.
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