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  • Wildlife conservation

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    In the regards of sustainable development I have a very strong passion in projects that are dealing with wildlife conservation and management. I found a website that listed a bunch of different projects that dealt with wildlife conservation projects that are currently available to learn about, support, or even join. The majority of the projects that I found occur overseas and mainly in the different regions of Africa. After reading about several different types of research projects I found several

  • Problems with Wildlife

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    Problems with Wildlife It is blatantly obvious that the level of wildlife has been decreasing amazingly over the years. Species of animals and plants are rapidly becoming endangered or even extinct. There are many factors that are making this problem a reality. Habitat destruction, hunting, and pollution are the three major factors that are destroying our wildlife. The destruction of habitat is the greatest of all threats to wildlife, whether they’re rich tropical forests, mangroves, swamps, coral

  • Importance Of Conservation Of Wildlife

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    clothing, wood for fires etc. Apart from its use for basic needs, wildlife has also been exploited for luxury items e.g. ornaments and fashion. At one time, when there were far fewer people on Earth and a lot more wildlife, such exploitation did not have any significant effect on the overall numbers of animals and plants. With over six billion people in the world today the situation is now very different. Today more and more wildlife is becoming extinct in the wild for various reasons such as habitat

  • Essay On Wildlife Tourism

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    Wildlife tourism is described as tourism based on encounters with non-domesticated animals (Van der Merwe & Du Plessis, 2014:9). These encounters can either occur in the animals’ natural environment or in captivity and includes consumptive and non-consumptive activities (Higginbottom,2004:60). In many other cases, protected areas for wildlife tourism is established fundamental changes to the surrounding lands, increasing the proportion of employment in the service and retail sectors while significantly

  • Urban Sprawl and Wildlife

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    has in the past, been seen as a mark of human civilization. In the United States, our progress is often measured by growth and development, but should this be re-examined? There are many opinions on the subject of urban sprawl and its effects on wildlife, but one thing is for certain, we are expanding. From 1955 to 2005, urban and suburban areas grew by 300%, however, the population only increased by 75% over the same period (Ewing, Kostyack and Chen). According to NatureServe, a non-profit conservation

  • Wildlife Management Plan

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    Mosses (Sphagnum spp.), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), common mullein (Verbacum thaspus). A complete list of plant species can be found in Appendix B. STATUS OF WILDLIFE POPULATIONS: Inventory techniques used to identify wildlife consisted of direct observations, input from the landowner, and signs from the different wildlife species. Common bird species present on the management area were American robin (Turdus americanus), American crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos), European starling (Sturnus

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

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    The Wildlife Conservation Society is a widespread organization that mission is to protect and preserve the wilderness. They protect any type of wild animal that is near extinction or in any kind of danger. Although their major goal is to protect all wildlife that needs it, they know education is the first step into succeeding. The more people that are educated on the world’s problems, the more people will start to get involved and help out in any way they can. Knowing this, they also try and educate

  • Wildlife Case Study

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    Sabah wildlife is in trouble. Many of the animals found in Sabah, Malaysia Borneo exits no where else on earth. It is mostly because of the local hunting culture and illegal wildlife activities. Indigenous people have been hunting for generations. Only 100 years ago, Bornean Headhunters were still in action. Already this year we lost two species of rhinoceros in the world. The West African Black Rhino, and Javan Rhino of Vietnam (source: The Atlantic Wire). There are no Sumatran rhinos left in the

  • Wildlife and Conservation Efforts in Africa

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    The dynamic natural environment and abundant wildlife are the most prominent features of the African continent. Due to its wide variety of biomes ranging from tropical forests to arid deserts, Africa consists of bountiful wildlife diversity. However, because of environmentally harmful human interactions, the variety of biomes is shrinking to all-time lows, which causes wildlife to die out. These detrimental human interactions, particularly livestock overgrazing and desertification, occur partly because

  • Appropriate Wildlife Management in Nicaragua

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    effort to protect rainforest is one thing Nicaraguan government should do. Long term benefits that rainforest and wild animals live in rainforest are priceless. Baird’s tapir also have problems with hunting because the value of its meat. Building wildlife sanctuary is a possible solution. Baird’s tapir, also as known as Central American tapir, is the first specie I want to talk about. According to the IUCN red list, Baird’s tapir is currently listed as an endangered specie. It was listed as vulnerable