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Application Of Electronic Health Records Essays

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The transition from the industrial age to the information age has transformed nearly all sectors globally. Information and communication technology is one of the fast-changing departments in any industry or organization. In the health sector, for example, the implementation of Electronic Health Records has been a major issue of concern to most institutions of the world. There are multiple benefits as well as barriers to successful implementation of these programs, especially in line with communication. Just as in the research conducted by Bishop et al (2013) states, it can be noted that the organizations that were sampled for the study have taken the initiative positively as a result of the multiple benefits. This, however, comes along with certain barriers and limitations to successful implementation of such programs.
Benefits Derived out of Electronic Communication
One of the primary benefits of electronic communication is efficiency in terms of time. The patients are attended to much faster and conveniently as compared to the case of traditional paper or face-to-face communication with the attendants. The patents no longer have to wait in long queues to acquire medical services. The electronic medical records enable quick data transfer and processing alongside provision of the most appropriate diagnosis for the conditions of the patients attended to.
The new communication systems also give patients additional satisfaction as compared to the traditional techniques. Patients are delighted at the quality of communication services that come along with the program. As pointed out by one of the physicians at Colorado Permanente, the system is patient-centred and a real satisfier to them (Bishop et al., 2013). The positiv...

... middle of paper ..., 2011).
Clinicians have often expressed concerns over the complexity of some of the electronic medical records that have been put into use. There are other barriers that may come in the form of security threats, data loss, frequent training of the personnel that may be costly, large databanks that are challenging to update as well as limited know-how on the future trends regarding these systems.
Electronic communication has more benefits that disadvantages. Thought there are barriers to its implementation and use in the health sector; there are various initiatives that can be taken to tackle such issues. For example, to reduce user and patient resistance, the change process should involve those concerned. In addition, proper training and creation of awareness needs to be done at the time of implementation to reduce the complexity aspect of the systems.

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