Examples Of Innovations In Health Technology By Melanie Merrifield

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Melanie Merrifield’s article “Health Technology” seeks to understand the kind of innovations technology has brought to healthcare and how they have helped the health field. Merrifield provides numerous examples of how the innovations being made in health technology have improved patient care. There are examples used, from both the military as well as civilian innovations in technology that is included with Merrifield’s article. The examples in the article include patients being able to leave in three days instead of three months because of minimal invasive surgery; this is one example of how the advances in health technology have helped patients (Merrifield, 2006) Some of these examples include the laparoscopic version of bypass for obese patients, letting them leave a hospital within 23…show more content…
With better and upgraded technology, doctors can diagnose, treat and send a patient home faster than ever before. Reading the article, one can conclude that there is a small competition going on between the civilian world and that of the military when it comes to innovations for patient care and that the military is coming out on top with their advances sometimes being pulled into the hospital settings such as the EMR a recording keeping device that is mobile and can be sent across the globe that the military was the first to introduce. The author’s sources support the conclusion that innovations in health technology will help improve patient care. Using not only Dr. Martin but others who are being trained in the field such as Sean Hayes, a Baylor MB/Healthcare/MSIS candidate, who in the article spoke of how a physician can be patched in by video and do a distance consult, which he saw as cost sharing in rural areas at may not be able to afford

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