Essay on Application Of An Advanced Nursing Role Into The Healthcare System

Essay on Application Of An Advanced Nursing Role Into The Healthcare System

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Before the emergence of advanced practice nurses, the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems are exclusively covered under physicians. The role of nurses is to carry out physicians’ orders. The introduction of an advanced nursing role into the healthcare system is a complex process and is influenced by many factors. Andregård and Jangland (2015) described the process as “a tortuous journey towards a partially unknown destination”. This article will begin with a brief overview of the nurse practitioner’s role, review the definition of licensure and how it differs to certification, discuss the relevance of State Practice Acts to the practice of acute care nurse practitioners (ACNPs), and uncover the challenges and issues related to ACNP role implementation.
History of Role
By definition, a role of a person is the function that someone performs or a social behavior that is expected from an individual with a certain position or status (Role, 2013). The nurse practitioner was developed in direct response to alleviate physician shortage in the 1960s (Buppert, 2012). The history of the role was limited to some geography locations. In addition to the nursing diagnoses, nurses could make medical diagnoses for their patients who resided in medically underserved areas (Buppert, 2012). Further, they would order pharmacological agents as well as prescribe patients with medical therapeutics and other treatments.
The role of nurse practitioner has evolved over time and is defined according to population foci (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2012). ACNPs are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who are trained, educated, and certified in diagnosing, treating, and managing complex, critically ill acute o...

... middle of paper ... the scope of practice to allow the full extent of APRNs’ educational trainings and competencies. The current conflicts between what APRNs can do and what they may allow to do according to SPAs must be resolved so that they can deliver affordable and quality care throughout the healthcare system.
The issues presented in this discussion are essential to advancing the profession and enhancing direct care and management. Radical change is required to address the accelerating healthcare needs of communities by innovative advanced practice nursing service models. In order to achieve the change for the improvement of access and quality of healthcare for communities, it is important to fully realize the utility of APRNs. This can only be achieved when there are accord and clarity on the meaning of advanced practice in nursing and by expanding the role of APRNs.

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