Animal Testing Should Be Legal Essay

Animal Testing Should Be Legal Essay

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There is an ongoing debate regarding whether animals should be entitled to rights and the implications to those rights as well. This issue would not only bring up how certain things would be considered wrong like hunting animals and keeping them locked in a zoo for entertainment, but would also imply how society has the obligation of preventing suffering brought on from animal testing. Philosophers like Peter Singer argue that “rights are derived from the capacity to experience pain, and since animals’ experience pain just like people can, animals also have the ability to be free from harm.” Others, including Carl Cohen believe that although animals should be treated humanely that they cannot have rights because they lack the capacity to make moral claims. My position on this issue is that animals should be extended their rights and be given equal consideration to humans because they are no different in the way that they are able to comprehend the same information as we humans do.
Many argue that this question seems absurd, on what the phrase actually means. Rights are understood as being legal protections against harm, and many argue that animals already do have rights under the Animal Welfare Act, and the idea of animal rights is not at all controversial. However, the Animal Welfare Act is only limiting the amount of pain animals are exposed to. During research animals are still put through the same type of harmful experiments, but are provided pain killers. This law only requires for animals to be tested on if there is some type of human benefit that justifies the action. If animals did have rights, then there would be no testing at all. These tests have actually been considered unnecessary because the treatments found have of...

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...mon ancestor, but humans evolved far beyond being able to gain the ability to speak and a wider capacity to think. However, animals also have extraordinary capabilities that humans don’t. For instance, bees have the ability to see ultraviolet range. This allows them to see things invisible to humans. In addition, many creatures like dogs and bears have more sensors in their retinas, so they can see in the dark. These animals also have quicker speed than humans do. When compared to humans animals have a lot more advanced qualities than we do. This shows how humans are ignorant when it comes to the ability to extend moral consideration to other species just because they have found one thing that sets them apart from others. Animals deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation, not because they are more like us but because they are existent on earth.

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