Animal Body And Its Effects On The Human Body Essay

Animal Body And Its Effects On The Human Body Essay

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Further research into bacteriophages using modern techniques have revealed previously unknown characteristics that give phages the upper hand against antibiotics. Phages are very host specific. This host specitivity means that a given phage is capable of infecting a certain range of eubacteria. For example, coliphages are named so because they are only capable of infecting certain strains of Escherichia Coli. Some view the specitivity as a drawback of phages, but it minimizes the damage done to the natural flora in the human body, whereas antibacterials go through any bacteria. The cells in the human, plant, or animal body will not be infected by the phages because of the structure of the cells, so phages pose no harm to cells other than the bacteria. Specificity also decreases the chances of secondary infection (Loc-Carrillo 111-112). Secondly, phages are a natural part of the microbial ecosystem, therefore the body is exposed to them daily. In the environment, phages are very powerful and play a large role in controlling the harmful bacteria. “Most significantly, phage predation destroys an estimated half of the world bacteria population every 48 hours” (Fischetti 1508). Phages have a major role in the ecosystem and the rules for a natural product cannot be applied to a laboratory drug (Loc-Carrillo 113). Once a phage enters the body, it conducts what is called “auto dosing,” meaning it will continuously replicate until every bacterium is lysed (Loc-Carrillo 111). “If each “daughter” infects and kills a host bacterium there will be 40,000 progeny at the end of the second cycle; eight million at the end of the third cycle; 1.6 billion at the end of the fourth cycle; and so on” (Carlton 267). The magnitude of daughter cells will...

... middle of paper ... after they had neutralized the stomach acid. The phage treatments continued for an average of 5 weeks. Depending on the bacteria, the success of the treatment ranged from 75-100%. However, it was a much higher success rate for the 58 with resistant bacteria, at 94%. There was only one side effect of the treatment which was liver pain that was believed to be from endotoxins released during the lysing (Inal 240). Lastly, Kazuhisa Sekimizu and his colleagues at the University of Tokyo tested phage therapy against Staphylococcus Aureus on silkworm larvae. As a result, no adverse effects were found, but all of the bacterium cells were destroyed. The results with the silkworms were similar to the results they had with mice (Matsuzaki, par. 11). Over the centuries, bacteriophages have continued to amaze researchers with their amazing results, but not everyone is on board.

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