Essay about Anatomy of the Brain and Its Functions

Essay about Anatomy of the Brain and Its Functions

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The brain is the perception responder and critical thought processor. Along with the brain’s control of all physical action and coordination, it has all control over emotional response and impulse. The brain’s dictation of all normality and actions made are only a small concentration of what the brain is truly capable of and scientists are working towards expanding this theory. This has been such a controversial issue, compiled with the hopeful idea of a cure for brain disease, a daunting possibility that could potentially “blur the lines between man and machine” (Kate Kelland, 2012.) It has been a well-known fact that humans only use a small percentage of our actual brain capability. If we were to enhance this, if we could, then what parts of the brain would scientists engineer to its full capacity? The idea may be fathomable to some and favorable to others, but in the chance that it is humanly possible to heighten the brain’s ability to have better critical thinking skills and boosted motor coordination, several parts of the brain would have to be altered first.
The Frontal Lobe
Considered the emotional control center of the brain, the Frontal lobe is in charge of processing and giving emotional responses. It is more vulnerable than other brain parts because of its location at the front of the skull. Injury can cause a wide variety of symptoms. This is partially where the term “left or right brained” comes from. The Frontal lobe also stores memory of language. This is where knowledge is stored on languages and how to speak them.
The Cerebellum
Latin for “little brain,” the Cerebellum is just that. It is what allows the body to function properly, smoothing coordination. It determines voluntary actions (movements you choose to ma...

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...brain needs to be able to work together with other parts to create normal life for that specified person. Another use for the Olfactory Bulb is controlling the smelling sense.
Broca's Area
Broca's area is in charge of speech production, meaning it allows you to speak to others. It also assists you in comprehending the speech of others. Broca’s area is what allows humans to comprehend and critically think, and further allows us to speak. It is what controls speech. Broca’s area contains mostly motor neurons, allowing articulate speech (Britannica Encyclopedia, 2013) and comprehension.
Motor Cortex
The motor cortex is what essentially controls all the muscle movement in the body.
Central Sulcus
The central sulcus is the last of the nine brain parts. This section of the brain has one very simple purpose, which is to keep apart the Frontal lobe from the Parietal lobe.

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