Analyzing How My Daily Intake Essay

Analyzing How My Daily Intake Essay

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Through the MyDietAnalysis project, I am able to analyze how my actual daily intake compares to what is recommended for my age, gender, body mass index, and activity level. Before entering my diet into the database, I composed three hypothesis for the results of the diet log. Hypothesis number one stated that my total calorie intake will be lower than what is recommended for me. In my second hypothesis I predicted that I will consume more calories from protein than from grains, vegetables, dairy products, and fruits. Lastly, in my third hypotheses I predicted that I recieve sufficient amounts of vitamin C from my diet. In this paper we will be analyzing the results from five days of my diet logged into the MyDietAnalysis program.
After anazlying the comparisons between my actual intake and the MyPlate recommendations for the five different food groups, it is clear that I am not meeting my daily goals for grains, vegetables, dairy, and protein. The results definitely contradict my second hypothesis where I stated that majority of my calories come from protein compared to any other food group. In the report we can see that I met my protein recommendations by 69%, not far surpassing it like I had predicted. The fact that I met my total calories recommendation by 90%, but the MyPlate recommendations by 61%, shows that a good portion of my energy intake comes from empty calories instead of whole food groups.
In order to reach the MyPlate goals for each food group I am going to have to make a few changes to my diet to ensure that my calories are sourced primarily from whole foods and not from processed meals and empty calories. For me to meet my recommended goal of 9 ounces of grain per day, I could add 1 cup of quinoa, brow...

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... 33% of my total calories. I believe that with everything in mind, I could comfortably say that my diet is just barely acceptable, but it definitely needs work. If I were to eliminate a lot of the unneccessary 'cheat ' foods that are overly high in saturated fats and added sugars, and simutaneosly increase the amount of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins, I would be in a very healthy nutritional position.
In order to impove my diet I have set three goals that are specific to my nutritional needs. To bring up my intake of carbohydrates, I will increase my daily amount of whole grains by at least 1 cup or equivelant. To lower my intake of fats, specifically saturated fats, I will substitute non-fat yogurt and olive oil, for ice cream and butter. I will increase my intake of vegetables to 4 cups a day by adding a salad to each meal consumed at home.

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