Analysis Of The Book ' Psalter Page ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Psalter Page ' Essay

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In a far corner of Schumacher Gallery, a medium sized sheet of old paper hangs on the wall. Strange words and symbols decorate the paper, mostly in black and white but with the occasional splash of color. If one looks closer it begins to resemble something most people have seen, a sheet of music. The “Psalter Page” may not be classified as art to some people, but after some time looking at it a greater appreciation can be had. While it does not look like much at first glance, after a little bit of research the hard work and effort that was put into the “Psalter Page” makes one look at it in a different light.
As soon as I saw the piece, I instantly had a connection to it. I flashed back to the time I was in my great-grandfather’s house. On the walls of his house he had a few art pieces very similar to the “Psalter Page”. He was not entirely sure what they were, but he knew they were involved with music. As a musician, I have never seen anything like them before and I was intrigued. However, I got busy and did not get a chance to research them and had completely forgotten about them until I saw the “Psalter Page” at the Schumacher Gallery. It brought back fond memories and this time I was not going to let the opportunity to research them pass again. Also, since I am a musician, I think it is important to know about the origins of music and this gave me a chance to research that as well. Another reason I was drawn to this piece is because it is an old manuscript. I love old manuscripts from books to music to magazines and pamphlets. There is so much history behind it all and that is just one of the reasons I think they are so cool. I actually collect old manuscripts and books and enjoy finding out more about the items I buy. Since ...

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...ding to how music is now able to be shared with all the world.
Knowing the history behind the art piece can really change one’s opinion on the art. While I definitely liked the “Psalter Page” before researching it, I find myself appreciating it more because of what I found out. Whenever someone puts in time and effort it makes it more valuable and the monks spent hours on just one page. This does not even include the time that went into making the page itself. Even though the page looks pretty simple, it was a lot harder to make than it looks. Also the fact that it is such an important piece of music history makes me appreciate it that much more because if there had not been gothic square musical notation, music might not have been the same as it is today. One should always look into something before dismissing it because they do not know what is behind the surface.

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