Analysis Of The Article ' Why Your Office Needs More Bratty Millennials '

Analysis Of The Article ' Why Your Office Needs More Bratty Millennials '

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In the article “Why Your Office Needs More Bratty Millennials”, the author Emily Matchar expresses a variety of reasons why the new generation in the workforce (millennials) needs to have their voices heard. She uses different terms to discuss this generation of workers, including Generation Y, another common name for millennials. Matchar’s exposition of why millennials are changing the workplace is broken down into specific points. She references the declining job market and why, due to circumstance, it is hard for millennials to get jobs as it is. Moreover, millennials are now pushing for a “customizable” workplace, such as being able to set their own hours. It appears that Generation Y is executing the wishes that other generations of workers subdue, and are subsequently portrayed as a vocal group by default. As a result of millennials’ demands, various companies are now beginning to conform to the ideas this generation presents. As such, new policies are being implemented, though at a slow pace. Through these new adaptations, millennial workers are hoping to enact a greater change in the workplace; they are pushing for a total reformation of the ages-old standard. While many will disagree and say that millennials are selfish and spoiled, the overwhelming majority of the workforce (though not explicitly stated) are in favor of the millennials’ demands. The “pushy” attitude that Generation Y has benefits everyone young, old, and in-between.
Matchar’s thesis presents various valid and strong points, but it is not without flaws. The generations past often assert that millennials are lazy and unwilling to get jobs, when in reality quite the opposite is true. Most millennials are unable to get a job even with hard work because of ...

... middle of paper ... not knowing how to operate a personal computer. These innovations do wonders for the world, but just as the elders shun technology, they also shun the younger generation who are responsible for these inventions.
To conclude, it is important the millennial generation’s ambition be welcomed. By fostering positive growth, more advancements can be made, improving the lives of every human being. Medical technology evolves at a rapid pace, so to presume that the younger generation’s intentions are selfish is absurd. Advancements in the medical and technological fields have helped many older people as well as younger people. More people are living to one hundred than ever before. Everyone from ages one to one hundred have benefitted from Generation Y’s ambition. This generation is changing workplaces for the better and pioneering in ways not previously thought possible.

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