Negative Essay: Not Only Are Millennials Redefining Adulthood

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Not Only Are Millennials Redefining Adulthood but Are They Changing the American Dream as Well? Those born between the years of 1982 and 2004, became known as The Millennials, however, this generation has been redefining traditional standards set by previous generations. By this generation's standards, they want to achieve higher education and travel, things that will set them back financially which has been made as a point to their change in the expected time for adulthood. One that is willing the delay the previous generation's’ dream of marriage and family to reach their more modern take on the American Dream. Millennials have many differences from them and previous generations, they were able to look more towards “who they were” than “what needs to get done”.…show more content…
What affects does this have on those with college degrees, or those who only graduate high school and are looking at higher up positions. Well for those looking at jobs they have diverse needs; jobs built on trust, relationships, funds, health insurance, etc. All of which would have to be decided by the job to meet. How will this generation find work, through personal image, one that will change as time and experience go into effect? Although an image can “bring profound benefits”, it is created by a series of habitat that has developed around personality, this can cause a “trial and error” to see what suits them best (Dilenschneider par 24). Guidance will be a need in this image, they will need to learn how to dress professionally not in the manner of self-expression they are used to. For their American Dream to take effect it is based on if they are able to find a job whether or not they have produced higher education, though that is the goal of

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