Analysis Of Sally Lucy Vanity Cosmetics Company Essay

Analysis Of Sally Lucy Vanity Cosmetics Company Essay

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Sally Lucy Vanity Cosmetics, also known as SLV Cosmetics, is a grassroots cosmetics company started by Sally and Lucy. A product that grew out of their basement quickly grew in popularity regionally, and then nationally. Sally and Lucy knew they had something to offer that would benefit many people. Where they struggled was reaching the customers who were not near a retail location and relied on the internet to make purchases. This past spring, Sally and Lucy launched a website. Sales were slow and they were not connecting with their target audience. Sally and Lucy realized they needed a way for their customers to virtually interact with their product. To bridge the gap between the internet and in person, Sally and Lucy researched Facebook, Twitter and starting their own online community to interact with their customers.
Four years ago, Sally was struggling to make ends meet as a makeup artist. She was booked as much as her market would allow, but it was not enough to be financially stable. Sally began her makeup artistry career twelve years before, when she was fresh out of high school. It started as a friend of the family asking for her help for her wedding and then surprising her with a check. She never realized she could get paid for something she would have done for free. She began booking weddings and grew her reputation along with her product knowledge. From there, she started to realize many products could be combined making them more efficient, longer lasting and more cost effective.
Shortly after bringing on her assistant, Lucy, the two realized there was a real use for the multitasking products Sally envisioned. Lucy had the chemistry background to help make the products a reality. That winter, when their mak...

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...n online consumers need the type of personalized and customized advice they could get at a brick and mortar store (Coppola, 2015). Furthermore, as the community grows, the users can be sources for product development and further promotion. Facebook and Twitter can be sewn into the mix as a natural progression. (Clinger, 2013)
Though the private community would have the highest start-up costs and require the most labor hours of all the options, the return on the investment would be both immediate and ongoing. The Social Technographics and enthusiasm of the current customer base almost guarantees the success of the community. The target market for SLV Cosmetics enjoys showing off what they know about cosmetics and sharing this information with like-minded individuals. Cosmetic customers, once they find their “holy grail” product, tend to be both loyal and enthusiastic.

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