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• The Flipkart was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, both alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. They had been working for previously. The business was formally incorporated as a company in October 2008 as Flipkart Online Services Pvt. Ltd. During its initial years, Flipkart focused only on books, and soon as it expanded, it started offering other products like electronic goods, Air Conditioners, Air coolers, stationery supplies and life style products and e-books. The first product sold by them was the book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, bought by VVK.Chandra from Andhra Pradesh. Flipkart now employs more than 4,500 people.Flipkart's offering of products on Cash on Delivery is considered to be one of the main reasons behind its success. Flipkart also allows other payment methods- Credit or Debit card transactions, net banking, e-gift voucher and Card Swipe on Delivery. The company has employee base of over 4500 and Global Alexa ranking of 142 (10 in India) which is Best Ranking in Ecommerce product line category industry and regarded as the Amazon of India since 2007 Till 2013 Flipkart raised 541 million us dollar from market Naspers, Accel partner, Morgan Stanley and Tiger global is majority contributor . The online megastore integrated campaign consist of four sub campaign use same theme to convey the messages but different target audience and different group of peoples. All the campaign conceptualized by the same team that is Happy creative agency founded in 2007 by Kartik Iyer to the objective of provide the communication and design service to the client also to do great work have fun and be happy with belief of an idea can change everything. First campaign was “No kidding n...

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...e companies because they almost touch all possible medium to communicate their message, even they also tried experimental marketing tool as well. Almost everything was perfect from artist to ad agency, conceptualization to communication tools. According to us it is very much require in communicating the message and Flipkart ad is the perfect example of creative representation. Because creative executions increase the recall value and long term brand awareness, maybe due to content used in communication. According to us they must have to emphasize on radio and paper advertisement and should also increase the TV ad frequency .telemarketing and door2door promotion is the other way out but may be expensive but they want to tap bigger market size they have invest more on all medium because in today’s world customer acquisition is the key of every business success.

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