Analysis Of Clatsop Community Action Fundraising Plan Essay

Analysis Of Clatsop Community Action Fundraising Plan Essay

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Fundraising Plan
There is no single “right way” to create a fund raising plan for your nonprofit organization as every nonprofit has its own unique circumstances and opportunities to generate revenue (Kivimaki & Smith, 2016). Creating a fundraising plan requires for us to look at the organizations past performance, current performance and future performance. Knowing what has worked in the past will help us identify fundraising events that draw the most individuals from the community we serve. In the end, the more we know for the future the easier it will be to achieve our fundraising targets.
Clatsop Community Action Fundraising Plan
As we know, non-profit organizations do not produce commercially viable outputs and therefore rely on donations or grants provided by the government (Omura & Forster, 2014). Such resources are utilized by nonprofit organizations to help them cover for expenses they may incur on throughout the year. Located in Oregon, the City of Astoria has the privilege of having the Clatsop Community Action Non-Profit Organization.
The mission of Clatsop Community Action (CCA) is to help people meet housing, food, and other basic living needs (CCA, 2016). Their services include supporting families or individuals in need of financial resources, food and shelter in Clatsop County. The organization understands that part of being involved in the community is helping those that live in it, and CCA has been able to collect and manage the resources to do just that.
However, a big part of the organizations resources come from donations collected from businesses and people living in the community. In order to maximize the use of resources, we have developed some fundraising strategies that will help the organization reach...

... middle of paper ...

...for the grant more than once as long as the application is not for the same project. So if CCA is interested in renovation, updates or any transition into newer technologies to reduce operating costs there is a high possibility of being selected.
Clatsop Community Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to help people meet housing, food, and other basic living needs (CCA, 2016). Their services include supporting families or individuals in need of financial resources, food and shelter in Clatsop County. However, as an organization dependent on outside resources there has to be more interest on hosting or promoting at least two smaller fundraising event besides Coastal Harvest of Giving. In return, the organization would be benefiting itself by creating other sources of income that could be very well used in a time when the economy is not as expected.

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