Analysis Of Cheaters And Writings By Sociologist Dr. Vivian B Whelan And Professional Writers Like Alfie Kohn

Analysis Of Cheaters And Writings By Sociologist Dr. Vivian B Whelan And Professional Writers Like Alfie Kohn

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With an increased demand for skilled labors, many students nowadays find themselves needing to complete some form of higher education at college to ensure their success in the workplace and for their future career goals. Although many people enter college with high ambitions and goals, many eventually drop out of college. Why does that happen? In an ever-changing, more competitive environment, the demanding expectations on/of college students now soar at unprecedented heights, creating stressful and unpleasant experiences for many of them, which often lead to serious health issues as they try to keep up with all the burdens inflicted upon them. In the film Cheaters and writings by sociologist Dr. Christine B. Whelan and professional writers like Alfie Kohn, Richard Rodriquez, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Scott Jaschik, Matt Richtel, and Alfonzo Porter, they explore and illustrate some of the challenges that students are now struggling with today. Although there are multiple factors that contribute to this huge category, some of the main problems that students encounter in their freshman year in college include problems with technology, teachers, and environmental stress (adjustment to college/ to the environment).
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First off, a problem that college freshman often encounter in college comes in the form of technology (can present a problem that college freshman must encounter in college. of the primary problems that college students encounter , technology can present multiple problems that college students must face. ) Encounter in college.
First of all, if technology is not being used for proper reasons, it can distract students from their study-work, preventing them from completing tasks well and understanding the lectures. ...

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...retaken, I tried refreshing the page until something popped up, but that did not help. Eventually, something happened which allowed me to go back to the main page, and finally when I went through the grade tab, I discovered that the grade had luckily saved somehow. However, experiences with technology like this where computers crash in the middle of important work can really terrify and discourage people. If students are working on something that is especially important and a sudden crash causes them to loose all of their work, it can cause problems and disappointments. Therefore, technology can create many problems for students in college by creating distraction from students’ studies, allowing easy access to unreliable resources and information which can result in bad grades, and breaking down unexpectedly while students are working on something important on it.

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