What Are The Challenges Of College Students

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It is common for people who are not attending college to believe that college is easy, but in reality the average student faces a lot of challenges. With the increase in required college degrees for well paying occupations, more people are searching for a higher education. The rise in demand for a college degree has had adverse effects on the average college student. The types of challenges vary from student to student but some are better equipped than others, making it more challenging for those facing them alone. I believe some of the most difficult type of challenges are financial and lack of study skills.
Financial challenges may be one of the highest reported struggles coming from college student today. One aspect of financial struggle
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Family pressure and lack of family support are a few of the many causes of college student to stress about their financial standing needed to attend college. A peer in my class, Alex, is the youngest child; he is being pressured by his father to attend college because he is the last of his siblings to have a chance at working towards a well paying job. Alex also faces family pressures to attain a high grade point average in hope of earning benefits towards insurance and other expenses. Yet, he still lacks financial support towards his college education. Even if Alex were to get financial help from his family, he would still feel the pressure to attain a job to reduce the stress about making financial ends meet. I also face similar challenges as Alex, in my situation I have had a lack of support. My mother is a single parent with a high school diploma being her highest degree of education. With the lack of financial income that comes with only having to rely on my mother income, she wanted me to start working to help her pay bills and other pending expenses. She understands why I am pursuing a college education, but also knows that with me working full time can help ease our financial stress, which if attending college will only increase our current expenses. Putnam states in the book Our Kids, “To be sure, less educated parents, with narrower cultural horizons and less familiarity with advance education,

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