Analysis Of Carol Dweck 's `` Brainology `` And Rebecca Cox ' The Student Fear Factor

Analysis Of Carol Dweck 's `` Brainology `` And Rebecca Cox ' The Student Fear Factor

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Carol Dweck 's piece "Brainology" and Rebecca Cox "The Student Fear Factor" have changed my pursuit towards my academic goals because it changes the mindset on how I approach any aspect in my everyday life, including work, but also how I will be praising the children whom I work with. This is because I am learning new approaches on how I should handle my college life and apply it to my daily life. Both of these pieces seem to have spoken to me because I get severe anxiety and reading what other students went through made me realize that I don’t have college life as bad as many students do. Instead of quitting (like most first time college students do), I will keep pursuing my associate’s degree in child development. I know that reading these two excerpts helped me realize to never give up on my goals and future. It also taught me different ways to approach all kinds of scenarios that life throws in my path. I will also be giving myself a break so that I don’t study more than two or three hours at a time because my anxiety will kick in. For example, if I had more than twelve units at a time it will get very overwhelming and I won’t be able to know how to handle all the homework including my work life.

Carol Dweck stated that we would learn how some praises children could have an opposing effect on a student’s mindset and may harm their motivation to learn. Meaning that when children grow up with praise such as “oh you must have been so smart to get an A on that test”, instead of “you must have worked really hard on that lesson”, children could take the praise to their intelligence the wrong way and think that since they are “smart” instead of their effort on a task which will cause them problems in the future and they might want t...

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...f the next generation, I want them to realize that if they put in the effort that they will always do their hardest instead of just doing as little as possible in their weakest spots of school and life. Rebecca Cox helped me realize that even though I am a first generation college student in my family, that I could do it if I don’t freak myself out. I know that I could do anything because the Lord will give me the strength to do it, I am a believer and that is what helps me reach my fullest potential. Also, stepping back and analyzing my success and failures will help me with everything in my life. To conclude what I am trying to say, I am not a quitter and I don’t want any of the children that I work or come in contact with to think that they need to be a quitter that is the real reason why these two readings have changed the pursuit of my academic and future goals.

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