Literature Review: The Perils And Promises Of Praise

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Article 20: Successful Praise When reading the article “The Perils and Promises of Praise”, I was taken aback by the fact that there was a thing as negative praise. The studies show that just telling someone that they are intelligent is detrimental to future success in challenging situations because of the fear of failure. Encouragement of hard work and effort works more effectively than praising intelligence. I still feel that there is a missing element that was not mentioned in the article. It is secret number three in motivation for success in school. That motivation is the parents of the students. I was told that if I failed my classes, I could expect severe punishment and retribution for my failure, unless I prove I tried my best. Motivation is not just praise; it is the support of those adults in a student’s life that gives reinforcement of positive ideas…show more content…
I left my school books inside the bottom of my desk, just as all the students had done in my class. My father was home on vacation that particular day and asked me where my books were. I replied that they were in my desk at school. That answer led to a ten minute lecture on how I was to never leave my books at school ever again. He told me that I would never succeed if I did not take schooling seriously. That was the only motivational speech I received while I was in school. That conversation affects me to this day. I bring all the books I am required to buy at the beginning of each term to my classes. I purchase my books the moment I find out what books I need for that quarter. I have always strived to excel in all the courses I take because of that conversation. My father intervening made me angry at the time; however, over time it made me reevaluate my approach to school. Yes, it was difficult to carry all those books home every day after school, especially in high school, but that was my

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