Analysis And Application Of Clinical Practice Guidelines

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Analysis and Application of Clinical Practice Guidelines Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Post-Acute stroke rehabilitation and a multidisciplinary team approach greatly improve patient outcomes. There are approximately 4 million Americans living with the effects of stroke ("Stroke Rehabilitation Information," 2014, para. 1). The American Stoke Association has developed clinical practice guidelines for Adult stroke rehabilitation care. The purpose of the clinical practice guidelines is to assist facilities to put in place processes of care that are evidence based and design to achieve maximum functionality and independence and improve patient/family quality of life. Some questions that are covered in the guidelines include, “What are the best interventions and timing of care for stroke patients?”, “How can readmission rates be reduced?” and “What impact does rehabilitation have on clinical patient outcomes?” Stakeholder Involvement Stakeholders involved in the development of clinical practice guidelines include care providers, health service managers, health insurers, experts and patient representatives (Ducan et al., 2008, para. 2). The target population treated within the study included patients who have had a stroke and are admitted to local hospital rehabilitation units. The care providers are clinicians with detailed knowledge about the activities of at least one stroke service, and working in the hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home. Individuals in this group included rehabilitation specialists, neurologists and an elderly care physicians. Health service managers include senior managers from institutions that had clinicians involved in stroke services. Individuals in this group inclu... ... middle of paper ... ...uidelines by having no monetary influences, limiting opinions on certain treatment options and providing optimal care for patients. The guidelines are written by healthcare providers who must submit a disclosure questionnaire showing all relationships that might be perceived as real or potential conflict of interest. Summary The American Stroke Association clinical practice guidelines set in place a foundation to provide quality, efficient and safe care to patients. The clinical practice guidelines answer key questions that healthcare providers, patients or family members may have. Questions and concerns are clearly stated and addressed. Students as advance practice nurses will be able to apply clinical practice guidelines into practice by adhering to the standards and promoting new organizational and funding changes involving post-acute stroke rehabilitation care.
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