Analyse the Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 Essay

Analyse the Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 Essay

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Throughout the written history the outcomes of regional/world wars have changed the ways countries, at least politically. Wars are not normally fought without reason or a cause; be it just a cause or otherwise. Sometimes they are fought for the expansion of territories, economic issues or even when the existence of one country is threaten. The final outcome of any war has consequences for countries involved, their populations and regions where they occur. The same holds true for the Arab – Israeli war of 1967. In this essay we seek to examine the causes of the Arab - Israeli war that took place in the year of 1967 and we will also try to analyze its consequences.
We will try to highlight some brief historical and political changes that took place in the Arab world prior to the creation of the Jewish state in 1948. We believe that this is important because it includes the abolition of the Ottoman Empire in 1924 and the eventual control of most parts of the region by the European powers, notably Britain, France and Italy. Their interference in Middle Eastern politics will also be considered.
In this work we argue that the mass exodus of European Jewish immigrants into Palestine during the Nazi Holocaust and their nationalist aspirations to create a state in the midst of Arabs has resulted in ongoing political unrest across the region. In the second part we try and identify other causes of this particular war, for this war was not the only one and the last to be fought between the Arab countries and Israel (Halliday: 2005 page 168). We also seek to analyse pan Arabism which we believe is fundamental to this work. The role of the USSR and the US in the region will also be considered, especially in the warm-up to the...

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...ould have benefitted not just politically, but also socially and economically, because much of the Middle Eastern economies were consumed by the high cost of these wars, hence the neglecting of vital social policies that bring about democratic spirit.

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