The Birth of Israel

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Many events and people caused the birth of Israel. I would like to focus on two of the events that were involved in the growth of Israel and one organization. The events and organization I have chosen to illustrate how Israel grew are, The Six-Day War, the War in Lebanon and the Palestine Liberation Organization. I will illustrate these through how they each individually impacted Israel.

Six-Day War

The Six-Day War took place in June 1967. It took place all because of hostilities between the Arab nations, and the Jews had already been at a high point. The Arab nations refused to accept the fact that Israel could be a Jewish state, and so, President Nasser of Egypt called for the destruction of Israel. At first, there were just attacks on civilians once and a while, but the attacks became more and more ferocious, until it came to Israeli villages being heavily shelled by Syrian troops from Golan Heights. Such an act was an act of war, but what they did not know was that Israel would react with full force.

The war continued as Jordan attacks and Syria Falls. In the end Israel was successful. Their victory was extremely devastating to the Arabs, who expected victory for themselves. The fact that the war took only six days shows that Hashem is with Israel. The Arab forces lost almost their entire air forces, and much of their armed weaponry. 10,000 Egyptians were killed in Siniai and Gaza alone, compared to the 300 Israeli casualties on that front. In all, Israel gained all of Jerusalem, The Golan Heights, Siniai, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank. Shortly after the war, a state delegation from Jerusalem arrived in Washington and told the Americans to advise the Arabs that Israel was prepared to give back t...

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...any Israelis agreed with the limited objective of destroying the PLO's power in southern Lebanon in order to protect Israel's northern population, they disagreed with the larger, unrealistic goals, they argued, had caused an unnecessarily high number of Israeli and Palestinian civilian casualties in Lebanon. For the first time, Israelis took the streets for anti-war demonstrations.


Israel had to go through a lot to become their own state. They had to under go wars that went both ways and then ended up with a positive outcome for Israel. In the Six-Day War Israel thought that they had won, until their opponent came back at them. The Six-Day War did not end in six days, but thanks to the Resolution 242 it did. This happened similarly in the Lebanon War. But, through these events and the Palestine Liberation Organization Israel could be born.

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