Essay on An Interesting And Quality Research Project

Essay on An Interesting And Quality Research Project

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Doing a research project is a significant part of many undergraduate degree courses in universities worldwide (Robson, 2014). Therefore, to write an interesting and quality research project, learners ought to understand the fundamental principles of research like qualitative/quantitative methodologies and primary/secondary research. This essay will analyze each of these fundamentals definition, examples, disadvantages and advantages.
One of the major foundation of research is qualitative methodologies. Qualitative research collect the information in the non-numerical structure; it is created to reveal target persons behavior and viewpoint that drive it with reference to particular topics and problems. It usually used in-depth studies of small group of people or each individual, participant observation, group discussions and diary exercises to guide and help the development of theories (Flick, 2009). Example of this types of studies is ethnographic research project, in which cultures are studied alongside the customs that have developed within those cultures. Using qualitative methods helps researchers generate detailed data, describe complex phenomena easily, control the information better, thus, they will have a clear vision and bigger picture to understand the topic deeply. However, doing research by this way is time-consuming and heavily depended on researchers’ skills which can occur subjective biases and individual mannerisms (Salkind, 2012). Due to these important characteristics, this kind of research are usually used to looks at the connection and social importance and how it influences people, which is invaluable especially in the sociologies. For example, it can provides valuabl data for use in the design of a product—in...

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...rimary research about North Korea government and the one about North Korean’s living condition. Doing secondary research, author will cost less time and budget; also the collected data is extensive and can covers many issues. However, some gathered data may not be specific and useful. Moreover, because the resources depend on the primary research, which can be biased, this is quite dangerous for the author to base their report on this data.
In conclusion, although there are many differences between each fundamentals of research, both these methodologies play important role in product development. Understanding these fundamental principles with examples, their importance as well as their advantages and disadvantages, authors can decide the suitable and effective quantitative or qualitative methodologies, primary or secondary research to make a good research project.

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