An Innovative Action Oriented Business Essay

An Innovative Action Oriented Business Essay

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An innovative action-oriented business process analyst and business analyst who thrives on delivering delivering change and optimisation. Proven change management skills, working with organisations, staff and their clients on opportunities to deliver more cost efficient services, whilst managing risk and compliance associated with business operations and services. Clear and decisive communicator, garnering requirements at all levels and in gaining commitment to ensure processes and changes are adopted efficiently. Able to lead and manage resources both on and off shore.

• Business & Systems Analysis • Planning & Strategy • Requirements Management
• Compliance & Risk Management • Change Consulting • Stakeholder Engagement
• As-Is & To-Be Modelling • Project Management • RFQ Management
• End User Testing • Developing Concepts • Complex Data Analysis
• PRINCE2 Certified • Staff Management • Technical Writing

Lead Business Analyst for the implementation of the Booking/Billing/Health Records management system (ie. Client Management System(CMS)) for an Interprofessional Education Program at the Victoria University (VU).

Served as the Lead Business Analyst on a new ERP, a TechnologyOne Financials/ Human Resources/ Payroll system with integration to Carelink Plus , codenamed CiBiS (Corporate Integrated Business Information System) Project.

Delivered the Business Analysis behind a new CRM System Project for the VU.

Completed a full Business Process Review and Business Analysis on the Coles Myer (CML) Group insurance & Risk Management Services (Corporate Property Services); The project objective was to implement a new online Claims Management System.

Worked as BA and Lead Technical Support to Ansett E-Business IT Group, focusing o...

... middle of paper ...

...tion all required business analysis deliverables eg. Business Request Briefs, Small Assignment Briefs, Business/ Functional & Non Functional Requirements, Solution / Product Assessments, User Acceptance Testing, User Training coordination, Business Process Mapping & Re-engineering,

• Ensured on-time and quality delivery of all business and IT projects undertaken, and became the subject matter expert for the end-to-end process within defined areas.

Previous positions held:

• IT Contract Analyst - Coles Myer Ltd, 2003
• Order Processing & Administration - The Warehouse Group Pty. Ltd, 2003
• IT Business Analyst / System Tester - TATE Associates Pty Ltd, 2002
• Business Analyst / Lead Technical Support & Tester - Ansett Australia, 1999 to 2001
• Analyst/Programmer - Ansett Australia, 1994 to 1998
• Analyst / Programmer - Application Development Group, 1993 to 1994

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