Essay about An Example Of Roberts 's Leadership

Essay about An Example Of Roberts 's Leadership

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An example of Roberts’s leadership in action that demonstrates his leadership talent is the way he empowers all of us everyday. According to the PowerPoint’s, “an effective leader empowers others by providing them with information, responsibility, authority, and trust”(Hanen 2016). Robert is constantly informing us with the tax regulations that are essential. Additionally, he makes us responsible for the tasks that he assigns us. Also, he provides us with authority by letting us decide how we should arrange the daily tasks. Lastly, he demonstrates that he trusts us by expecting us to get the work done effectively and efficiently. Consequently, this allows us to feel like we have a great impact on VITA because our input is valuable.
Secondly, Robert is an effective leader because he has the ability to get others to follow his orders. For example, at the beginning of each VITA session, Roberts assigns different tasks to the volunteers and no one will complain. The reason for this is because Robert acquires personal power. Personal power is driven by the uniqueness and knowledge that the individual brings to the group (Hanen 2016). The source of personal power that Robert has is expert power. Robert is an enrolled agent, therefore, he is very knowledgeable on taxes and he has a great amount of experiences. Additionally, everyone in VITA refers to him when they have any questions or concerns. If Robert tells us to do the tax return in a different method, we will do it because he is competent in completing a tax return.
Third, Robert is a great leader because he works equally as hard as everyone in VITA. He does not boss us around just because he has the title of a leader. Throughout the day, he is doing different tasks. Initially, h...

... middle of paper ...

...has established a confortable environment for us to work in. When we first met Robert, he properly introduced himself to the whole VITA team. He was friendly and social with everyone. Consequently, this instantly created trust between everyone in VITA. We were all able to socialize and help each other with the tax return.
Furthermore, Robert has developed the need for achievement. Individuals, who have developed the need for achievement, work on finding a solution for a problem instead of ignoring the problem until someone else solves it (“Human Relations Contributors”). In various situations, Robert has been encountered with complicated tax returns. In situation like these, Robert has immediately gone through the VITA materials to find a solution. He has always found a solution for his problems. Additionally, every time he finds a solution, he never brags about it.

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