An Ardent Longing For The Promised Land Essay

An Ardent Longing For The Promised Land Essay

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An Ardent longing For the Promised Land
A trip around the world’s seven continents will reveal that amongst people, exist a hunger to live in one of the world’s most powerful and influential country. It is no surprise that this country is the United States of America. From the snow covered plains of Antarctica to the outback of Australia, America is regarded as the ‘Beacon of success.’ America’s 16.3 trillion dollar economic debt and high unemployment rate has caused many of its citizens to put the blame on the influx of immigrants in search of their American dream. The outcry that immigrants are siphoning America’s economy and taking over jobs, led author Shayan Zadeh to write his article, “Bring on More Immigrant Entrepreneurs.” In his article, Zadeh illustrates on the rigorous steps he endured in order to come to America and much worse, getting American citizenship. He dispels the misconception that immigrants drain the economy by saying that he created jobs for people who work in his company. He revealed a statistic which showed that granting citizenship to skilled illegal immigrants in the United States, who are simply here to work and fulfill their American dream, will create jobs and thereby grow America’s economy. He applauds America’s history of welcoming immigrants who are simply searching for work in order to make a better life for themselves. Being an immigrant myself, I agree with zadeh that immigrants are rather creating jobs as well as strengthening America’s economy and not draining the economy.
Indeed, I agree with Zadeh on the hurdles that immigrants have to jump in order to live and work in the United States. Some have come through the legal route by applying for a green card lotte...

... middle of paper ...

...our own apples, pay more money for an item that is currently at a low cost due to cheaper labor and shut down all branches of companies in the U.S with foreign origin, despite how much they contribute to make America the super power of the world, then we should close our doors to immigration. We should bear in mind that America is a land of immigrants. Almost everyone in America can trace their roots to a country outside of the United States. Everyone who immigrated to the United States, which includes our forefathers, came to America in search of the American dream. We all saw America as the Promised Land, so we rode our wagons for months in the desert, sailed on the open sea and drove treacherous roads in search of the American dream. Though America is not perfect, we should not neglect each other’s contribution to making America the beacon of success it is today.

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