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From the study and the analysis, the key findings are as follows:
• There exists positive relationship between agreeableness and discipline, conscientiousness and discipline and between openness to experience and discipline. This implies that individuals with agreeableness as their personality type adjust their behavior to suit others. High scorers are typically polite and like people. Low scorers tend to 'tell it like it is'. On the other hand individuals who fall into the category of conscientiousness personality type are honest and hardworking and hence more disciplined.
• There is no relation existing between extroversion and discipline and neuroticism and discipline. This implies that the extroversion personality trait of seeking fulfillment from sources outside the self or in community is less disciplined. Also, the neuroticism personality trait individuals tend to be more emotional which is why they are less disciplined. High scorers tend to be very social while low scorers prefer to work on their projects alone.
• Overall analysis shows that exists a positive relationship between personality and discipline of the individual.
• In terms of grievance handling in the organization, there exists a positive but weak relationship between extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness and grievance handling capability of the individual.
• However, individuals with neuroticism personality type are ineffective in handling grievances in the organization.
• The overall analysis of personality and grievances indicate that there exists a positive relationship between personality and grievance handling in the organization.

The managers who have a strong personality are highly disciplined and at the same time are good in...

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...tiousness, extroversion and openness to experience has a positive impact on grievance. This means that individuals who have neuroticism personality are ineffective in handling grievances. On the other hand, individuals with agreeableness, extroversion, conscientiousness and openness to experience personality types are effective in handling grievances.

The study comes to a conclusion that there exists a strong relationship between the overall personality and discipline and personality and grievances. Personality, thus plays a major role in determining how the managers handle issues at the workplace. The state of effectiveness and ineffectiveness depends on the personality type of the individual. Stronger the personality more disciplined the individual is and hence more effective in handling grievances. They are more balanced and hence very effective managers.

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