Essay on The American Education System Is A Paradox

Essay on The American Education System Is A Paradox

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The American education system is a paradox. It is supported by one of the biggest economies in the world, it is located in a country with some of the most bountiful resources for stimulating learning but year after year it fails to live up to the mark. Recorded by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, America was ranked 28th in math and sciences as of 2015. (OECD) There have been many proposals to what has caused this deficit in returns. From blaming teachers, to blaming the misoperations of funds, the latter neglecting that America does spend one of the highest amount per students and the former i will address in the coming sentences. But, the fact that countries like Vietnam, Finland, or even Canada has ranked above the United States really highlights this is not an issue of resources. One of the more striking arguments that could explain this deficit in education is the discussion of the method of teaching. Note that this is not a discussion about the quality of teachers, one issue is a problem of supply, an improbable conclusion when looking at the fact that the United States is ranked in the top ten countries when it comes to the Human Development Index, while the other is an issue of an embedded structure.
Primarily there are two divided camps over the issue of the most effect structure of education. On one side there is Banking education and on the other you have a Problem Posing education. This paper will primarily use Paulo Freire’s The “Banking” Concept of Education and Richard Ricardo’s “The Achievement of Desire” as support to each of these structures of education. Banking education revolves around the idea that students are containers to be filled with education, the responsibility of this fillin...

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... the student listens -- meekly; …
j. the teacher is the subject of the learning process, while the pupils are mere objects. (Freire 217)
Freire would like his readers to believe that in a banking system there is a vacuum when it comes to interactions between the student and the teacher. But as one can see in the example Rodriguez place this is a false accusation. There is a distinct difference between weather a system prevents an action or it does not promote an action. In the case of banking education the interactions between a student and a teacher are not prevented but they are also not promoted. There are examples of very successful banking systems, the top five countries in the aforementioned OECD rankings for math and science were Asian countries, cultures that heavily promote banking education. But also notice that education in Asian countries are also highly

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