American Education: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The United States has proven to be a world leader with their powerful military, democratic government, and stringent foreign policies. There is one category however, the United States struggles to be number one in, education. As shocking as this may sound, the public school system in America is not superior to other developing countries. I have witnessed this scandalous phenomena firsthand, engrossed in the public school system from kindergarten to freshman year of high school. The student body and the school administration is morphing into a nonproductive system with a zombie-like attitude. American students lack academic drive and curiosity compared to European and Asian countries because the standard for academic success is constantly lowered. Americans must reform the school system and change their perspective on how important an education is to the rest of the world.
One of the main issues in the educational system is the mindset of students, especially those in poverty. Students in poverty since the, “...beginning of the Progressive Era...” have had a tendency to not put forth effort in the classroom (Hood). Cultural trends throughout twentieth and twenty-first century America has developed different philosophies on how education should be treated. The overarching theme from all time periods in America is that students in poverty tend to be less happy, less excited about school, and less invested in the future that lies ahead for them because they have no hope and optimism. According to the International Journal for Behavioral Medicine, students who have a low “...socioeconomic status [view] the future as containing more negative [experiences] than positive [experiences]”. These students are considered the trouble makers o...

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...diversity of America is what separates countries from the United States, America should still maintain a high level or education and be an example for all countries as America has always been.
America now knows where they stand on the totem pole regarding education. Having a powerful military and democratic government will only get Americans so far as being a world leader. Teaching American students rigorously will increase America’s dominance as a country and as a people for generations. Teachers are an essential need in America. The United States often takes teachers for granted and if the U.S. government helps educators by improving the quality of their teaching, students will succeed in the classroom. America can perhaps no longer be a country with a zombie-like attitude, but a country thriving with accomplished students supported by the community around them.
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