Essay on American Education : A Choke Point

Essay on American Education : A Choke Point

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Throughout the course of time, teaching, scores, and curriculum have changed to where education is mainly about “being okay” and never about actually improving; and abundant amount of people hold the theory that the government is well aware of this fact and has contributed to the continual downfall of American education in an effort to systematically decrease the competency and literacy of the American population, making them easier to manipulate and allowing the government to achieve increasingly greater power and control over the American population; as a result, Americans are being submerged in a culture that has encouraged them to become more complacent and less interested in bettering themselves which has allowed the government this power that continues to grow.
Whether you choose to believe it or not, American education is at a choke point. In the past several decades the standards guiding education in this country have fallen drastically and show no sign of improvement. Author, Michael Wiener, supports this idea, stating, “In ensuing years, there have been countless examples of this dumbing down that have been publicized in the media. For instance, in 1993, a national survey revealed that 42 million adult Americans could not read” (Wiener, 2000) This statistic is of no surprise due to the fact that as a high school student, having grown up in the same school district since kindergarten, I have noticed that various students at my school who were once passionate about learning have now lost almost complete interest in learning more. They instead have chosen to neglect the completion of their assignments due to the fact that they deem them as unimportant. I believe they feel this way for the reason that there is little to no ...

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...t scores are dropping and textbooks are no longer meeting the high specifications of their predecessors. Also, due to the atmosphere set by the government, there is a suffering lack of caring people who desire to learn and progress their education. This has contributed to the decreased educational ranking of the U.S compared to its foreign counterparts. Conspiracy theorists speculate all the evidence pointing to the decline of education coupled with the lack of effort to improve the situation and believe that the government has purposely derailed the education system to create an American population that is uneducated and willing to rely on the government for problem solving and decision making; thus creating a class of people to follow the government’s every beckon and call. As time passes on, matters just continue to worsen and America is in need of a reformation.

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