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As noted by the graph our standings in education is below average, especially with African Americans and Hispanic children compared to other states. If this is the outcome in elementary school what should we expect by grade 8. With all of the various reforms enacted throughout the 30 years the curriculum in public schools did not improve nor did our standing compared to the rest of the world. Even though in each presidency monitoring tool was developed to ascertain the level of learning based on the test. In states where students passing their test equated to more funding of the school as well as the school remains open, jobs for the educators. So oppose to teaching students the information needed educators taught to the test. This is due to politicians not addressing the core issues that prevent children in low social economic status of of color due to cultural biases. Then there is the political climate of education including ignorance towards the benefit of vocational schools and real world learning.
In addition the changes in policies to address the substandard public school educational system did not resolve the issue was because before a program can get started another president was coming into office and the staff was replaced. With educational policies made by the federal government it left the state and local government unsure and in a state of flux. In essence there was no consistency in the implementation of programs to improve the educational outcomes of children in disadvantaged communities. Because of the inadequacies of the public school system and the inability to address the class sizes, the decaying school buildings, and children flunking out of school, charter schools and voucher programs were established to a...

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... has not commissioned anyone to make it part of the curriculum for middle schools. By not providing this as part of the curriculum children of color do not know their heritage or learn that people of color made significant contributions to society through inventions.

The cycle of low scholastic achievement is so prevalent in poverty stricken communities is the benefit the political system. The politicians continue to keep their jobs and political power and education is power. This is accomplished because illiteracy inhibits the knowledge required to vote for a qualified candidate for office. “Economies with low or high levels of education can escape the poverty trap, and inequality plays a key role in determining whether this occurs through a change in institutions or an expansion of education”Eicher.Garcia-Penalosa and Tanguy van Ypersele,p207.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the civil rights act of 1964 and the title i elementary and secondary education act ensured that disadvantaged children received the quality education deserved.
  • Explains that low scholastic achievement is so prevalent in poverty-stricken communities that politicians continue to keep their jobs and political power. lack of education inhibits the knowledge required to vote for a qualified candidate.
  • Analyzes how the state's standing in education is below average, especially with african americans and hispanic children compared to other states.
  • Explains that the decline in public school education and politics hurt education in the 1980's.
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