Persuasive Essay On The Education System

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There have been numerous heated controversies about what should be taught as well as how it should be taught in regards in educational standards of the grades K-12. It seems as if education is getting worse which would cause all of the arguments. So with that being said, should today’s education system change? Absolutely, today’s education gets more bogus every year and it gets useless as well. Three reasons why the educational system is failing is because of overcrowded classrooms, wasteful use of funding, and low quality teachers.

Education is vital link in our society today. Without the proper knowledge or education we will not survive. Education is a power that nothing or no one can take from you. Overcrowded classrooms have a major effect
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Schools are particularly low funded and one result is that buildings are extremely old with cracked floors and leaking roofs. Not enough adequate air or heating causes an unsafe environment for students and this is a factor of the funding as well. Eventually schools are closed, dropout rates increase, and test scores decrease. Even though the school is low funded, the government spends plenty of money on unnecessary ways to improve the system. They believe that the more money they put in the educational system, the better it will be but in all reality it’s hurting it. Another problem is that children in schools sometimes get held back because of the way they had done in the useless subjects. It confuses parents to see their child struggle on something that they will never use in life. For example, kids might not know how figure taxes but they can name every part of an animal cell. As bizarre as that sounds, it is true. Also, children unfortunately have bad lunches and out dated test books but might just have a new gym. Education is becoming more about how it is taught rather than how it’s learned. One pacific wasteful source is the common core curriculum. Teachers have taught in the best interest of the students for many years. Students as well as the teacher have a hard time adjusting to the new method of teaching with common core standards. The increase stress from the difficult transitions forces teachers to quit or…show more content…
In school, we have all had that one teacher that connected with us on a personal level and made it interesting to learn something new. The teachers had a passion for the studies they taught. The generous care inspired us to work harder. Unfortunately, students today do not have that. The willingness and the drive to push the student are not embedded in most teachers today. Some of the teachers believe they should not put in the extra time and effort because of the pay they receive. The government is getting exactly what they pay for and our children are undergoing the hardship. Schools are receiving poor education and decrease opportunity the academic success. Due to the hapless circumstances, there has been a decrease in student enrollment. “In fact, in California, enrollment is down 53 percent over the past five years. New York and Texas are seeing similar declines as well” (Joseph
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